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The New York based publisher, Contra Mundum, will shortly (September 2012) be bringing out a translation of Marginalia on Casanova, the first volume of the massive St. Orpheus Breviary by the Hungarian writer, Miklós Szentkuthy.

“Originally published in 1939, as Csaba Sík noted, the seven volumes of the St. Orpheus Breviary ‘represent the greatest enterprise in scope, in worth? – undertaken in the Hungarian novel.’ Justifiably, Szentkuthy has been compared to Proust, Musil, and Joyce, and has already been translated into French, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, and Spanish. Our translation was done by Tim Wilkinson (known for his translations of Imre Kertész and others) and will feature an original cover designed by Hungarian artist István Orosz.
As the first ever translation of Szentkuthy into English, this should prove to be a momentous if not historic publication for the Anglophone world. Over the next decade, CMP hopes to publish a translation of the entirety of Szentkuthy’s Breviary and many other works, including his monumental Prae. News will follow about possible book events this coming fall in NYC, if not elsewhere …”

“Contra Mundum is a New York based independent press dedicated to the value and the indispensable importance of the individual voice.
Its inaugural publication, a new edition of Gilgamesh [to be shortly reviewed in these pages S.H.], was published in January of 2012 and translated by Stuart Kendall, known for his translations of Bataille, Blanchot, Éluard and others. Jerome Rothenberg deemed Kendall’s Gilgamesh “the exemplary version for our time, a reading that allows the mind to see what had been too long lost to us and what we so much need to make us fully human. This is the place to go for further sustenance.
In March, CMP released a bi-lingual edition of Self-Shadowing Prey, one of the final texts by the Romanian poet Ghérasim Luca (1913-1994) and in May, CMP published Rainer J. Hanshe’s second novel, The Abdication. Forthcoming publications include Richard Foreman’s Plays with Films, Elio Petri’s Writings on Cinema and Life, Louis Auguste Blanqui’s Eternity by the Stars, Emilio Villa’s Selected Poems, and Nietzsche’s Greek Music Drama, amongst others, many of which are being translated into English for the first time.”   from Contra Mundum .

Note from website organiser : I must make it clear that I, the controller of this website, do not wish it to be used for advertising purposes as such, but that I am very happy to publish information on forthcoming books that might interest our readers, especially from start-up publishers. Although the main theme of the website remains poetry in translation, you will also find here posts on linguistic issues, translating techniques and notices of important translations of works other than strictly poetic ones. Congratulations to Contra Mundum for obtaining a grant from the Petrofi Literary Museum within their first year — this shows it’s still possible to get into publishing in these hard times. S.H.   23/7/12